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economically and efficiently using our unique modular approach


We help businesses in various sectors establish effective human rights due diligence processes. We have a strategical approach looking at the corporate structures and policies needed to meet human rights obligations.


Our work is 100% aligned with international human rights standards and frameworks and our services are structured into different product-categories – allowing you to use only those modules that are essential to your unique situation.


You get an effective solution and action steps tailored to your exact needs. With that we guarantee that you will take your human rights performance to the next level.

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In addition to our consulting work, we operate a full-fledged practice-oriented Think Tank. We focus on current developments in business and human rights, test new solutions and provide a secure space for collaboration between businesses, international organisations, foundations, NGOs and governments. Our goal is to raise awareness and foster the debate on human rights challenges across various sectors.

Meeting your human rights obligations happens faster and more effectively with proper strategic communication. So we work together with Boards, CFOs & CEOs/ CSR-Departments /Compliance--Departments / Communication Managers/ Procurement- and Manufacturing delegates.

We offer trainings on specific topics related to business and human rights. These include e.g. the latest trends and (legal) developments, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Human Rights, Planning and explaining the relevance of a human rights due diligence process for your business, applying digital tools or conducting a human rights risk analysis.


About us

We are Berlin-based consultancy and think tank specialised in human rights. With our international team of experts, we help companies establish effective human rights due diligence processes into their corporate strategies. Working closely with our clients, we create strategies that strengthen overall compliance with human rights requirements, contributing to the sustainability of the business.

Team Löning

Markus Löning
Managing Director
Lisa Szeponik
Programme Director
Cecilia Barral Diego
Consultant and Human Rights Law Expert
Tell Münzig
Independent Consultant and Transformation Expert
Stephanie Borowiec
Consultant and Sustainability Strategy Expert
Theresa Quiachon
Consultant and Research & Solution Expert
Charles Muller
Senior Consultant and Finance Expert
Raquel Althoff
Consultant and Human Rights Due Diligence Expert
Claire Treinen
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Human Rights & SDGs

Why is it important to align business activities with international human rights standards?

How to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

In a globalised world, economic activities are cross-sectorial, intertwined and have a direct impact on the living conditions and the rights of people all over the globe. The human rights references in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development confirms this impact.

The UN has set forth a collection of Sustainable Development Goals (referred to as SDGs) with the goal of providing “a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future” *. Understanding the connection of all SDGs to human rights and how they impact your organisation’s operations are critical to your own sustainable success.

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