Claire Treinen



Claire Treinen works as an associate researcher for our team and is our expert on Human Rights & Finance.

Clarire’s work includes analysing human rights due diligence processes of financial institutions, corporate organisations and NGOs. She has assisted in benchmark assessments of clients and competitors, and research on human rights risks and impacts in global supply chains of various sectors. She is specialised in responsible finance and co-created the NPO Finance and Human Rights a.s.b.l., where she is its vice-chair together with Cecilia Barral Diego. Previously, she worked in international contexts with academic and UN institutions, and gained experience at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her practical engagement for human rights is mirrored in her social engagement with homeless people in Berlin. She completed her M.Sc. in Economics at the Humboldt-University of Berlin. During her studies, she focused on behavioural and organisational economics, where she learned how people’s investment decisions change when they are faced with different social factors and societal challenges.