Events and conferences are a great platform to stay updated on the topic and in touch with colleagues and experts. We made an overview of upcoming business and human rights conferences and events for you!

Best wishes,

Team Löning


01.10.2019: 4th ESG Responsible Investments & Sustainable Finance Forum 2019, organized by the Global Sustain Group in Berlin
01.10.2019: Introduction to Living Wage Workshop, organized by Social Accountability International in Amsterdam
02.10.2019: Webinar: How can tour operators assess human rights impacts in their value chains?, organized by the Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism
08.10.2019: Webinar: SDGs & Nachhaltigkeit in der Praxis: Re-Use und Ressourcenschonung, organized by Bitkom Akademie
09.10.2019: Themenworkshop „CSR und Handel“, organized by IHK zu Essen, CSR Kompetenzzentrum Ruhr in Essen
09.10.2019-10.10.2019: The Responsible Business Summit West, organized by the Ethical cooperation in San Diego
10.10.2019: DGCN Teilnehmerkonferenz & Global Goals Forum, organized by DGCN in Berlin
15.10.2019-18.10.2019: 2019 Textile Sustainability Conference, organized by Textile Exchange in Vancouver
16.10.2019-17.10.2019: Sustainability Reporting and Communications Summit 2019 organized by Ethical Corporation in Amsterdam
16.10.2019-17.10.2019: Deliver the Sustainable Future: Innovate, Collaborate and Transform the Value Chain, organized by Ethical Corporation in Amsterdam
17.10.2019: Responsible Sourcing of Raw Materials, organized by CSR Europe in Brussels
21.10.2019-25.10.2019: International Labour Standards And Corporate Social Responsibility, organized by UN Global Compact in Turin
22.10.2019: Webinar: SDGs & Nachhaltigkeit in der Praxis: Sustainable Finance, organized by Bitkom Akademie
22.10.2019: Workshop: “How can tour operators assess human rights impacts in their value chains?”, organized by Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism in Berlin
22.10.2019: NAP Helpdesk Frühstück/Unternehmer-Café, organized by Agentur für Wirtschaft & Entwicklung in Berlin
23.10.2019: Webinar „Nationaler Aktionsplan Wirtschaft und Menschenrechte (NAP): Anforderungen und aktuelle Entwicklungen“, organized by Agentur für Wirtschaft & Entwicklung in Berlin
23.10.2019-24.10.2019: Circular Economy Capstone Conference, organized by CSR Europe in Brussels
24.10.2019-25.10.2019: Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Summit 2019, organized by Anno Lucas in Brussels
24.10.2019-25.10.2019: Human rights due diligence: 2-day immersive training, organized by Ethical Trading Initiative in London
24.10.2019-25.10.2019: Conference | Socially Responsible Foreign Investment under International Law, organized by Lisbon School of Law and Católica Global School of Law in Lisboa
25.10.2019: Zweiter Nürnberger CSR-Tag, organized by Unternehmen Ehrensache (CSR-Netzwerk Nürnberg) in Nürnberg
25.10.2019-27.10.2019: Global Goals Jam #2, organized by Unternehmensgrün in Berlin
29.10.2019-30.10.2019: Forum on Green Finance and Investment, organized by OECD
30.10.2019: Webinar „National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights (NAP): Requirements and Current Developments“, organized by Agentur für Wirtschaft & Entwicklung in Berlin
31.10.2019: Webinar „Speaking up: Young people’s participation in business decision-making“, organized by the Global Child Forum in Stockholm


01.11.2019: Crisis Management and Modern Slavery, organized by the Mekong Club in Hong Kong
05.11.2019: Sustainable Apparel Forum, facilitated by Bangladesh Apparel Exchange in Bangladesh
05.11.2019: Responsible Commodities Trading and Implementing the UNGPs – Singapore Roundtable, organized by the IHRB & Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in Singapore
05.11.2019-06.11.2019: The Only Way is Up! organised by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fairfood, Fairtrade, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Hivos, Rainforest Alliance and IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative in Rotterdam
06.11.2019: Responsible Shipping from Shipyard to Scrapyard – Singapore Roundtable, organized by the IHRB & Danish Institute for Human Rights in Singapore
07.11.2019: Die Agenda 2030: Systemische Perspektiven, organised by KompetenzCentrum für nachhaltige Entwicklung der FOM Hochschule für Oekonomie und Management in Düsseldorf
11.11.2019: The ELEVATE Leadership Series 2019 in Hamburg
12.11.2019: Workshop: Introduction to Living Wage, organized by SAI in Berkeley, California
12.11.2019: Harnessing the Power of Data in Supply Chains: Making Women Workers Count and Be Counted, organized by BSR in San Jose, California
12.11.2019-13.11.2019: Das Netzwerk21Camp 2019, organized by Grüne Liga Berlin e.V., Berlin
13.11.2019: Evolution 2019, organized by econsense in Berlin
12.11.2019-14.11.2019: Sustainable Business Conference, organized by BSR in San Jose, California
14.11.2019-15.11.2019: The Supply Chain Summit Series, organized by Assent in Chicago
14.11.2019-15.11.2019: 3. Deutscher CSR Kommunikationskongress, organized by Deutsches Netzwerk Wirtschaftsethik in Osnabrück
18.11.2019-22.11.2019: Seminarprogramm: „Nachhaltig in der Großstadt leben: Wie funktioniert das?“, organized by RTH in Berlin
19.11.2019: Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development: Circularity 2030, organized by BSR in Singapore
20.11.2019-21.11.2019: Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum, organized by Innovation Forum in London
21.11.2019: Green Finance Forum, organized by dfv Euro Finance Group in Frankfurt am Main
21.11.2019-22.11.2019: 12. Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitstag, organized by Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis in Düsseldorf
25.11.2019-27.11.2019: Forum on Business and Human Rights / 8th session, organized by the OHCHR in Geneva
26.11.2019: 6. Deutsche SDSN Versammlung, organized by Sustainable Development Solutions Network in Berlin
26.11.2019: Driving Transparency Evening Event, organized by Fashion for Good in Berlin