Human Rights & Business Events and Conferences Spring 2019

Events and conferences are a great platform to stay updated on the topic and in touch with colleagues and experts. We made an overview of upcoming business and human rights conferences and events for you!

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Team Löning

APRIL 2019
01.04.2019: Civic freedom and human rights defenders: what is the role of the business sector?, organized by Business &Human Rights Resource Centre, International Service for Human Rights in Brussels
02.04.2019: Non-Financial Reporting: Implications for business and human rights in Ireland, organized by the Irish Centre for Human Rights in Ireland
02.04.2019-03.04.2019: Zero emission, zero waste & Menschenrechte – Nachhaltigkeitsstrategien bei Handel und Herstellern, XI. ZNU-Zukunftskonferenz in Berlin
02.04.2019-03.04.2019: How Businesses can tackle modern slavery, forced labour and human trafficking, organized by Innovation Forum in London, UK
03.04.2019-03.04.2019: Looking Back and to the Future – How to Overcome Ups and Downs With Women’s Rights, organized by the Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, UK
03.04.2019: Deutsches CSR-Forum 2019 in Stuttgart
03.04.2019: Webinar: Der Nationale Aktionsplan Wirtschaft & Menschenrechte, organized by DGCN
Lange Nacht des Deutschen Menschenrechts-Films, organized by Amnesty International in Stuttgart
05.04.2019: Green Fashion Tour Mitte, organized by the Green Fashion Tours in Berlin
06.04.2019-07.04.2019: Heldenmarkt München, organized by Forum Futura UG in Munich
08.04.2019-03.04.2019: Sustainable Europe 2030 – From Goals to Delivery, organized by the European Political Strategy Centre in Brussels
09.04.2019: Die Bedeutung der EU-Wahl für eine weltweite nachhaltige Entwicklung, organized by Brot für die Welt in Berlin
09.04.2019: Uncalculated Risks: Threats and attacks against human rights defenders and the role of development finance, organized by the Coalition for Human Rights in Development and Heinrich Böll Foundation in Washington D.C.
09.04.2019-10.04.2019: Sustainable Apparel and Textiles Conference, organized by Innovation Forum in Amsterdam
11.04.2019-12.04.2019: Business & Human Rights Young Researchers Summit, organized by the Institute for Business Ethics (University of St. Gallen) in St. Gallen, Switzerland
14.04.2019: Roundtable Discussion: Human Trafficking, organized by the Peace & Social Action Committee (PSAC) in New-York, USA
15.04.2019-16.04.2019: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Rights, organized by the Academy of European Law, Brussels
16.04.2019-18.04.2019: AIRoNoS 2019 Symposium AI and Robotics Normative Spheres: Towards a Sustainable Society and Technology, organized by Falmouth University in Cornwall, UK
16.04.2019: E-Waste. Can you and your blender save the planet?, organized by Plan A in Berlin
16.04.2019: 70 Jahre Allgemeine Erklärung der Menschenrechte – Lesung mit Musik, organized by Amnesty International in Berlin
17.04.2019: Democratizing Data: Grassroots Strategies to Advance Human Rights, organized by the Robert L. Bernstein Institute for Human Rights in New York, USA
22.04.2019: Innovations in Social Impact Measurement for CSR Symposium, organized by Tetra Tech in Arlington, USA
22.04.2019: Green Fashion Tour Neukölln, organized by the Green Fashion Tours in Berlin
23.04.-26.04.2019: 13th Forum on responsible mineral supply chains, organized by the OECD in Paris
25.04.2019: Progressive Governance Leaders Debate: Building a transatlantic coalition for the BIG transformation, organized by Das Progressive Zentrum in Berlin
25.04.-28.04.2019: Fair Handeln 2019, organized by Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH in Stuttgart
30.04.2019-01.05.2019: How business can tackle modern slavery, forced labor and human trafficking, organized by Innovation Forum in New York, USA
30.04.2019: Digitalisierung und Demenz – gehen die Menschenrechte vergessen?, organized by Kompetenzzentrum Menschenrechte (MRZ) in Zurich
30.04.2019: DDRIVING TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE: FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND THE 2030 AGENDA, organized by Federal Foreign Office in Berlin

MAY 2019
02.05.2019-04.05.2019: Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development, organized by the UN SDG Action Campaign in Bonn
06.05.2019: Soziale Verantwortung im Lieferantenmanagement (CSR, SA 8000), organized by DNV GL in Essen
08.05.2019: Sorgfalt oder Pflicht(erfüllung)? Interdisziplinärer Workshop zur Sorgfaltsprüfungspflicht, organized by the Institut für Sozialanthropologie in Bern
08.05.2019: FIFA and Human Rights: Impacts, Policies, Responsibilities, organized by the Asser Institute and the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research (NNHRR) in The Hague
09.05.2019: Webinar: Die SDGs in der Unternehmenspraxis, organized by DGCN
09.05.2019: Konferenz: Nachhaltige Finanzwirtschaft, organized by BaFin in Berlin
14.05.2019-16.05.2019: Innovate Rights: New Thinking on Business and Human Rights 2019, organized by the Australian Human Rights Institute in Sydney
14.05.2019-16.05.2019: „Gesund und Fair – Gute Arbeit in der globalisierten Welt hilft Unternehmen, Beschäftigten, Kunden und Partnern“, GESIOP-KONGRESS in Berlin
16.05.2019: Mandate of the Working Group on the issue of human rights and transnational corporations and other business enterprises, organized by the OHCHR in Geneva
20.05.2019: Values Dialogues: The Sustainable Development Goals, organized by UK Values Alliance in London
21.05.2019: 4th ESG Responsible Investments & Sustainable Finance Forum Series 2019, organized by Global Sustain Group in Frankfurt
21.05.2019: Webinar: Compliance im Auslandgeschäft, organized by BIHK & DGCN
22.05.2019: Rethinking Human Rights: a southern response to western critics, organized by LSE Human Rights and Department of Sociology in London
23.05.2019: WIRD ZUKUNFT BERATEN SCHWERER? INNOVATIONEN UND IMPULSE AUS DER WISSENSCHAFTLICHEN POLITIKBERATUNG, organized by Sustainable Development Solution Network Deutschland in Berlin
23.05.2019: Doing Business Right Talk. Towards criminal liability of corporations for human rights violations: The Lundin case in Sweden, organized by T.M.C. Asser Instituut in The Hague

JUNE 2019
03.06.2019: Nachhaltige Geldanlagen und verantwortliches Investieren, organized by Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen (FNG) in Berlin
04.06.2019: „Zukunft zur Heimat machen“ – 19. Jahreskonferenz des Rates für Nachhaltige Entwicklung (RNE) in Berlin
05.06.2019: Berlin Green Investment Summit 2019, organized by Wermuth Asset Management GmbH in Berlin
10.06.2019-12.06.2019: 18th Responsible Business Summit Europe, organized by Ethical Cooperation in London, UK
10.06.2019-12.06.2019: 17th WASD Annual International Conference, organized by the UNEP in Nairobi, Kenya
12.06.2019-13.06.2019: Civil Society Days 2019: Sustainable Democracy in Europe, organized by the European Economic and Social Committee in Belgium
17.06.2019-19.06.2019: Unleash Opportunity, organized by Amfori in Brussels
17.06.2019-18.06.2019: Coaching: Stakeholder Engagement. Nachhaltigkeit weiterdenken und gemeinsame Ziele erreichen, organized by DGCN & the Collective Leadership Institute
24.06.2019-25.06.2019: Human Rights Conference, organized by World Pride NYC in New York City, USA
24.06.2019-28.06.2019: The Business and Human Rights Summer School, organized by the Human Rights International Corner (HRIC), University of Milan, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and National Research Council in Rome

JULY 2019
09.07.2019-18.07.2019: High-level political forum on sustainable development 2019, under the auspices of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in Geneva
07.07.2019-19.07.2019: BHRICO Summer School Business & Human Rights, organized by Kompetenzzentrum Menschenrechte (MRZ) in Zurich

12.09.2019-13.09.2019: Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum, organized by University of Essex in Colchester, England
24.09.2019-25.09.2019: International Conference on Sustainable Development 2019, organized by the Columbia University in New York, USA
26.09.2019-27.09.2019: The Supply Chain Summit Series, organized by Assent in London

01.10.2019: 4th ESG Responsible Investments & Sustainable Finance Forum 2019, organized by the Global Sustain Group in Berlin
10.10.2019: DGCN Teilnehmerkonferenz & Global Goals Forum in Berlin
17.10.2019: Responsible Sourcing of Raw Materials in Brussels
23.10.2019-24.10.2019: Circular Economy Capstone Conference in Brussels

12.11.2019-14.11.2019: Sustainable Business Conference, The Fairmont San Jose in San Jose, California
14.11.2019-15.11.2019: The Supply Chain Summit Series, organized by Assent in Chicago
25.11.2019-27.11.2019: Forum on Business and Human Rights / 8th session, organized by the OHCHR in Geneva